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Friday, 1 August 2014

Posting a blog every week when it's expected to be there at around 7.00pm every Friday isn't as easy as it might sound.


I usually set aside an hour or two either on Thursday night, or Friday afternoon and decide what I want to blog about and let the words flow. If I can add photos from my own stock, or from Google Images so much the better. I think I've missed a handful of Fridays (not counting holidays and high days) since I started blogging two and a half years ago.

During that time my blog has had over 36,000 views, averaging around 1,400 per month which is fantastic and many thanks to everyone who looked in to read my thoughts and drivel.

So where are you?

You're all over the world and the table below only shows the countries with the most views

United States
United Kingdom

Kenya, Chile, Israel, Sweden and Taiwan all visit regularly.

During that time I've interviewed some fascinating people, both famous, infamous and not so well know. Currently broadcaster Sue Cook is the most viewed interviewee with nearly 1,500 views, with author Many James with 1,400. 

Interviewing the great Bernard Cornwell was a thrill and I was amazed when he agreed to answer my sycophantic questions! Actually he was very open about his private life, how he got into writing and what his intentions are for his various historical series. The big news is that there will be more books!

It's not all been about interviewing people though. I've also blogged about our wonderful UK bankers, whose reputation for wholesome integrity has become somewhat tarnished. Some, not all, have shown themselves to be sharks, thieves and greedy idiots though believed themselves above the law. Banks themselves believed that tax was for the "little people" not for them, and profits were to be divvied out as bonuses. The bank remuneration committees were made up of other bankers who in turn expected their bonuses to confirmed on a scratch-your-back-scratch-my-back basis. Bankers give estate agents and bad name!

I also blagged about the plague of call centers, which lately has included a company that keeps phoning telling me it has been reported that I'm having nuisance call which they can halt by putting a black box on the back of my phone for a chunk of money. The scammers will think of everything.

Oh yes, and then there were scammers. There are so many, from the Nigerian "I want to give you $10m" Nigerian email scam, to the old fake Viagra scam, the phishing scams, the Inland Revenue rebate scam, to the "you have a virus, let me download a fix to your computer" scam

It's been an interesting blogging time, but I'll only blog if people enjoy reading my posts and I love comments.... so leave a few!

Blog on, Dudes!


  1. Your blog is great fun, Richard, and I love your author interviews

    1. Hi Teresa. That's very kind of you! Your turn soon!