Thursday 31 December 2015

That Was The Year That Was!

Like every year, 2015 seems to have zipped past at a rate of knots.... in fact so fast it'll be February before we realise it's gone and start writing 2016 on cheques.

On the other hand, when I look back and see what happened during the year it's obviously been the full 365 days with probably a few more thrown in for good measure.

A few highlights and one or two lowlights:-

- I and four fellow authors formed Authors Reach, a cooperative designed to maximise the combination of our mutual skills in book marketing, publicity and merchandising. The first two books under the Authors Reach publishing banner (my Leap of Faith and Trouble With Swords) came out as eBooks this month and will come out in paperback form in January.

- A good friend of mine was given the all-clear from cancer having gone through grueling surgery and chemotherapy.

- Many didn't and my cousin's wife passed away earlier this year, as did the wife of an author friend.

- My son took up golf in May and without fail we play every Wednesday afternoon, rain or shine. I'm getting better and he's a natural!

- My beloved cocker spaniel, Benji, died in March, but 10 days later the incredible void was filled by a beautiful cocker spaniel puppy called Oscar. Not a replacement, but a superb personality in his own right.

- In October Oscar and I went on a lads walking holiday to the Gower Peninsular. I took Benji there every year (just him and me) and Oscar loved it every bit as much as I. We walked 10 miles a day or more, and hopefully we'll go back in March.

- As a result of Christmas I have a number of great books to read.... the last ever Terry Pratchett, a new "Uhtred" from Bernard Cornwell, the post-James 1st history of Great Britain by Peter Ackroyd, and two fantastic signed books on the golf majors from my son-in-law.

- I tried baked Camembert cheese, with toast and tomato and apple chuckney for the first time. Simply delicious!

- Just before Christmas I had tea with my wife and daughter on the 38th floor of The Shard. A fire broke out on the 35th floor just before we arrived (echos of the film Towering Inferno) and the place was surrounded by fire engines and lots of official people who had no idea what was going on! However the view when we got to the tea floor was stunning, though the sandwiches and cakes left a lot to be desired, although the reason for being there was the view. As the sun went down and the lights of London came on we were glad our table was right by the floor to ceiling windows. It was worth the exorbitant price for that alone!

2016 holds much promise and many opportunities, though as always it'll be down to everyone to decide how to use them.
So have a great new Year's Eve celebration and the New Year of your choice.

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