Friday 20 January 2012

Knee Man

Some 5 years ago I fell and hurt my knee while in the Peruvian Andes. Not so romantic as it soiunds, as I was getting off the coach and into the hotel courtyard at the time. Nevertheless it hurt link anything and 2 uears later after lots of X-rays, MRI scans and doctoring I had an arthroscopy, which effectively means keyhole surgery to clean out the broken cartlidge ubder the kneecap and smooth down what's left. I believe WD40 comes into it somewhere!
Yesterday I went to see the Knee Man again because the pain seems to be coming back and I reckoned I might need a rebore. He was brilliant!
I'm booking in for an MRI in 2 weeks, seeing him for the results 1st March and a decision on whether another arthroscopy is necessary.
Not only that, I twisted my ankkle and it hasn't been right for some months now. He gave me a simple exercise from which after only one day I can feel the benefit. He also gave me aother exercise involving a tonic water bottle for a swollen nerve in the heel of my foot. All for gratis.
In return he has a free copy of A Leap of Faith, donated by a grateful author!