About me...

This is my new blog. In fact it's my first and I promise it will get better, or I'll never hear the end of it from Tertia and Unita.

I live in the South of England and write books for children because it's so much fun. I also work, which is less fun but necessary.   You can read about the books on my website.

I used to a Scout Leader and wrote a number of Gang Shows, one of which gave me the idea for starting the Temporal Detective Agency series of books. Tertia, Unita and their friends were born and solved their first case in A Leap of Faith.

Twice a year I take my cocker spaniel and stay for a week on the Gower Peninsular in South Wales. The coastline is probably the most beautiful and unspoilt in the UK as well as being the location for the Agency's first case. My family stays at home.

Tertia and Unita (mainly Tertia, because she's so pushy) run their own website  at www.temporaldetectiveagency.com
and I've been told they will keep it up to date with all the Agency news

You can buy the first Agency book, called A Leap of Faith on my publisher's website

I hope you enjoy reading my books and sharing in Tertia and Unita's adventures.

By the way, in the photo above, I'm the one in the middle.