Friday, 6 June 2014


A few weeks ago I posted a blog about the persuit of celebrities by the police on the Yewtree squad.

At that time Jim Davidson was told there would be no charges. However no account was taken that he had lost a considerable amount of income due to cancelled engagements. 

Other celebrities were belatedly told their cases were being dropped due to lack of evidence. Doubtless their careers also suffered, as their reputations must also have done.

Since then, the odious Max Clifford, and the equally obnoxious Stuart Hall have both been correctly prosecuted and found guilty. Both are now in prison and will be for some time, and further prosecutions may follow.

Now Gary Glitter has been rearrested and faces more charges.

However, one thing struck me during all of this was that I can't recollect any other celebrities coming to the fore to back their charged colleagues and swear to their innocense..... until now.

Yesterday my FB friend Sue Cook went to court to back Rolf Harris. One point from the prosecution was that Rolf had lied about not having been to Cambridge until only a few years ago, when they stated that he was on film many years agon on an episode of Celebrity It's a Knockout. In his defence Rolf said that in those days the BBC just put you on a bus, you did your bit and you went home and that he had absolutely no idea he'd been in Cambridge. The prosecution scoffed and called him a liar. Sue Cook went to court yesterday to back him and say she had actually been to the same show and it had been exactly as Rolf had desribed. She also said that she'd recently seen a DVD of her compering a show that she can't remember at all. Sue came forward and was counted. That takes guts.

I don't think anyone will come forward on behalf of Gary Glitter though.

Blog on, Dudes!

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