Friday, 17 October 2014

What makes a good Young Adult story?

So... the hard questions first!

You might as well ask what makes a Young Adult and what makes them tick, as much as what books and stories appeal most to them. The Harry Potter books sold a few copies, as did the totally different Hunger Games. The Lord of the Rings still attracts new fans after many, many years, as do the Narnia stories. Is there a link? Of course there is.... Good versus Evil, with Good winning out after nearly losing.

The one thing none of the above has is any great degree of humour. So does humour sell? Of course it does, because we all like a good laugh no matter how old or young we are. However if you couple Humour with Fantasy, mix in Good v Evil, add a wizard or two with some witches and a magic sword.... you must have an automatic winner. Of course the title would have to be something along the lines of Lord Hungry Harry's Wardrobe.

So why haven't Leap of Faith and Trouble With Swords topped all the book charts and made me a millionaire several times over? The Temporal Detective Agency has everything. I thought about and realised what the reason was... not enough people had bought copies. Stunning, I know, but seemingly true.

But there is a solution!

Follow the link and go to Amazon. When you get there buy a paperback, or eBook copy. You know you want to!

Blog on, Dudes!

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