Friday, 19 December 2014

What to blog about tonight? I know.... a reunion

Many things come to mind....

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This week I went to the Gloucester Cathedral carol service for my old school. I left there 45ish years ago and started going to the annual service and the reunions afterwards about 5 years ago. At the first, I had arranged to make it a 2 day event and have a game of golf on both days with the lad I used to share a 6 form study with. We set a time of midday to meet in the pro's shop and I arrived dead on time. In the shop was the pro and a couple of old guys looking at clubs. After half an hour my golf partner was a no-show so I decided to phone him on his mobile. Seconds later a mobile rang in the shop and one of the ancient old men answered my call. I'd forgotten he would probably look a lot older. I, of course, haven't changed a bit!
This week we had a good game (I lost only 6 balls) and then went into Gloucester where the headmaster's secretary took us on a conducted tour round the school. The changes since the 1960's were incredible.
Very gratifyingly, my books are in the school library!
The cathedral carol concert was superb, both in sound and vision and the choir was made up almost entirely of the boys, girls and teachers from the school.
Immediately afterwards we had a reunion of old boys and teachers in the cathedral Chapter House, where incidentally I took my A' levels and the Doomsday Book was signed. Two historic events. I met with a number of teachers who had taught me and amazingly some of them were still very much alive!
Back to the hotel for some nostalgia and several double whiskies!
A great 2 days!

Blog on, Dudes!

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