Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Aren't Blogs Wonderful!

Okay, they're one way and usually one person's thoughts, but if they're interesting they'll gain an audience for a number of reasons:
- Humour
- Controversy
- Invitation to contribute with comments.
- Variety
- Pretty colours!
- A combination of some or all of the above.

I don't have a pretty colours at the moment as Blogger seems to have unilaterally re-templated my blog site. Unless of course you're a Goth in which case Black and White may be your perfect colours! I do however to provide the rest.

I looked at my stats tonight and asides telling me the numbers at a given time, as well as for that day / week and month, it also tells me which countries people are logging in from and how many by location.

I was staggered to see the following:
- UK (no surprise as I live in the UK!)
- USA ( again no real surprise as my publisher is in the States)
- Russia
- Ireland
- Germany
- Netherlands
- Taiwan
- Canada
- Cyprus
- India
The list is in descending order with the greatest number of visitors in the UK. I was amazed that Russia was so high. I was even more amazed at the number of countries!

So what is a blog like or is it unique?
Unlike newspapers blogs have a single topic  for each post. Unlike letters they're instantly available for those who know to access them. Unlike emails they're a commentary and don't have a defined audience. Unlike texts there's no short-hand and unlike Twitter tweets there's no limit on the size.
There's a purpose in a blog!

Keep on blogging, dudes!

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