Sunday, 3 June 2012

A Royalist....MOI?

I once heard of a person who was told to spend their entire working life doing one job with no chance of promotion. There were no options to the job and although the salary was excellent, the hours were long and the duties very repetitive. The person in question (a lady) was allowed to work from home, although most days were territory days.
The board of directors were constantly examining the lady's activities and many looked for any excuse to criticise the poor thing and some even demanded she be given the sack without recourse to an employment tribunal, even though more than 80% agreed she was actually doing a good job. What was worse she was never allowed to answer her critics, let alone use an expletive... though her husband often swore for the pair of them.
Some people said she was a property magnate with houses up and down the country, but she actually lived in a council house where she was frequently forced to hold parties for the benefit of other people.
At the age of 65, when most people think of putting their feet up and taking things easy, she still had a full list of jobs to do every day. In fact having worked more years than many people live there was still no retirement day in sight and her employers made it plain they wanted her to stay in the role for many more years to come, even though a trained apprentice was waiting in the wings.
Some of her fiercest critics want to replace her with a highly paid  alternative, without any prior training, but with the one main qualification of unrivalled ambition. The lady already in the job had little training, except from her parents, no warning that the job was hers, no chance to turn it down, wasn't asked if the pay and perks package was okay. Nevertheless she's not done too bad a job and on 3rd June 2012 a large number of the shareholders gave her a vote of thanks and trip up the Thames on the company.

Here's to the next 60 years!

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