Monday 23 July 2012

Not a real blog post tonight. However....

Leap of Faith, the first in the Temporal Detective Agency series of e-books for YA, has shot up the rankings this week. It's now as follows:
 - #14 for Action and Adventure
 - #8 for Detective Story
 - #3 for Humorous Fantasy
 - #30 for Historical Adventure

Leap of Faith also had the following comments applied to it this week by Lakshmi Raj Sharma, professor of English at Allahabad University in India "I have been marveling at the fusion of so many genres in Richard's Leap of Faith. Simple as it seems at the surface, it has so much to offer and offer very artistically. It reminds me of a number of authors I have taught and studied. This book, if it gets its due, will be a book much discussed in the days to come."

My thanks to everyone who has supported me and bought Leap of Faith to where it is. If you haven't already looked at it go to:

And enjoy it!

Blog on. Dudes!

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