Saturday, 27 October 2012


One of the blogs I follow is written by a fellow author called Carol Hedges. Whe you visit her site you'll see she like Citroen 2CVs and the colour pink. There's no accounting for taste! However she also owns a virtual (I hope it's only virtual!) pink sofa, and she invites people who might have something interesting to say to contribute to her blog by joining her on the Pink Sofa.

Her latest invite is Anne E. Johnson, an American writer, whose blog post topic is getting published in America. For those authors who either publish independently, or are lucky enough to have secured a contract with a UK publisher, the post will be an eye-opener. It may also prompt some people to do what I did and secure an American agent / publisher.

Carol's blog post link is

Even if you don't like 2CVs, the colour pink, or even sofas, Carol's blog is always entertaining. Give it a go!

Blog on, Dudes!

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