Friday, 9 November 2012


And I thought the saga was over!

Those who have followed my battle with BT will kknow that I have two BT phone lines. One is for home use and has Sky on it, the other is a home business line and also has the famous high-speed Infity broadband facility. As the advert says... Simples!
Unfortunately, not only do I have two phone lines, but I also have two accounts with BT and therefore two bills, and that's where things got complicated.

I made a payment to one account instead of the other, with the result that the payment to the account it should have gone to was overdue. BT in its infinite wisdom chose to suspend my outgoing service to encourage payment. The whole thing was resolved in a matter of a couple of hours and normal service was resumed. Or so we thought.

I received the next bill a few days ago for both lines and even before it was due received a recorded message from BT telling me that on one of the bills I owed an amount almost twice what the bill said and had to pay it now. In  fact I'd paid slightly more than the bill's amount a couple of days earlier. I phoned BT, prepared for another hour long argument and after ten minutes had apparently got it sorted. I still owed around £20. I paid that today and thought we were now ahead of the game. I don't think we are.

The money that was originally allocated to the wrong account is still allocated to the wrong account according to the new bill, even though it was transferred some time ago. However in reality it has gone to the other account so the bill for that one is significantly overpriced. So both account are now right, but both bills are wrong.... or maybe it's the other way round. Who knows?

I'll pay and BT will keep phoning, but one thing does still amuse me. BT keep sending me letters asking me why I don't use their broadband facility as a valued BT user of many years standing. I keep telling them I have broadband on the other line and they say OH YES. Then I ask them for one account and we go round in circles.

The saga maybe over, but the Empire Is About To Strike Back!

Blog on, Dudes!

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