Friday, 7 February 2014

Free... the Coronation Street Three!

So we've now had the third "star" of Coronation Street to be found Not Guilty by a jury. Is there a pattern there somewhere?

BBC radio and Top of the Pops disc jockeys may noty be so lucky (if luck comes into it). DLT is in court at this moment awaiting the jury's pleasure and with a string of accusations against him. Some have been proved to have been unlikey and people like Dee Dee Wilde from Pan's People, who worked with DLT of TOTP for some years gave evidence that he had always been a perfect gentlemen and that at no time did she feel uncomfortable in his presence, in fact she felt girls, and probably on his female dancers, the Young Generation. totaly safe. However Savile made her flesh creep, especially with his habit of grabbing her hand and licking it. She did make the point that two other DJs and one TV producer were almost as bad as Savile, but she refused to name them. DLT though, she never saw do anything reproachable.

Rolf Harris is a National Treasure and he may have sung about two little boys, but I'm sure his attention was firmly on. They were all good looking girls (of course they were!) and the temptation must have been high, but all the girls were seasoned troopers and can't have been under any allusions that Rolf was the star. That's not to say he actually propositioned any of them, but somehow I don't see Rolf as a groper.

Stuart Hall is looking like an equal to Savile, perhaps not in numbers, but certainly in deed and he deserves every day he spends inside. He's already passed ownership of his property to his wife so that any compensation to his victims will be minimal.

Jim Davidson was told the cases against him will be dropped, and although he lost considerable earnings as a result of the police, he won't be compensated.

There are still people being "investigated" by the police about histic sex crimes and like Max Clifford they will lose badly, even if found not guilty. In view of the Bill Roach outcome, the question has to be asked whether the police are on a Savile "get 'em" crusade with Yew Tree. They seem to be grouping all these investigations into one mass investigation, instead of treating them as individual suspected crimes. The CPS is not looking at its best.

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  1. Hi Richard, I'm glad you posted about this. Of course genuine wrong-doers should be punished, but we've felt for some time that a bit of a witch-hunt is going on. I read that one of the counts against William Roache had to be dropped because... the accuser couldn't remember if it took place! She just thought it had. What's all this about? And where will it end?