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Friday, 21 February 2014

The Slidey Games

For the past two weeks we've had end-to-end BBC coverage of the Winter Olympics Games from Sochi. 
Normally I'd huff and puff like most people about the waste of license fee money, but for once the BEEB has done a good job and made some unlikely winter sports into must-watch events.

Apparantly team GB has won medals for curling at previous Winter Olympics, though as I seem to remember coverage was limited to the medal ceremony and the odd grabbed replay from Canadian TV. The BBC was obviously overcome with surprise at our success!

This time they were ready and waiting for full coverage of both the men's and momen's teams... and for something that's effectively sliding a lump of granite down a 100 yards of ice, it's been gripping stuff all the way to the men's final today.

Of course it helps that the women's team has an average age of 24 and 4 remarkably good looking ice maidens. Their bronze medalwas a great achievement against teams with many more years experience and the 2018 Games could be looking at a GB gold. 

The men are guaranteed a silver at least, and unfortunately as I write that looks like what they'll get. Even so, it's once again a great achievement and the 2 curling medals combined with our two other medals gives us 4 which equals our best haul nearly 100 years ago. Not bad when you consider we get very little snow, and what we get is short-lived and up in Scotland. Not bad when you consider most of our training is done on dry ski slopes and concrete bob sleigh runs, by people who self-fund.

Ice skating has always been our forte. John Curry, Robin Cousins, then Torville and Dean all won gold when it was expected of them, though no one seems to be sliding in their footsteps.

The new snow slidey sports of cross ski and cross board, together with the multi somesault style tricks would have been fascinating if it hadn't been for the stupid commentary from the two idiots acting like drunken teenagers at a rave party. Jenny Jones was superb, doing multi-tricks 60 feet in the air and winning a bronze.... our first ever snow sport medal!

We won gold in the slidey tea tray game for the second Games in a row, which just goes to show that our women are fearless when it comes to throwing themselves onto vertical ice motorways and that heights don't trouble thems at all! Well done ladies. 

Come on GB men. You'll get silver in the stone slidey game, but our girls have already got 3 medals and could end up with another two... our best ever haul! 

It's just a shame Mo Farrah can't skate.

Blog on, Dudes!

Mind you, if you're not a lover of the slidey Games, then you'd probably like to read a good book instead....


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    2. Anon, you certainly know your curling!