Friday, 10 October 2014

Books and Bookshops

This has been a week for books for a number of reasons.

1. Tomorrow sees the start of BAMB (Books Are My Bag) an initiative to unite bookshops and authors in order to encourage more buyers and readers to come into member shops. The authors are there to sign books, talk about their work, and generally promote independent bookshops in the UK. Pop along to your local shop and who knows you might be pleasantly surprised at who is there to meet and greet you. Who knows.... it might be me!
In fact BAMB is a month-long initiative so don't give up if you can't make it tomorrow. 
I won't!

2. I popped into my local library and was very pleasantly surprised to see both my books on the Young Adult / Teen shelves. They were beautifully bound in clear plastic and in great company.

3. I had an email from Southampton Civic Center which controls the main 9 city libraries, to say that both my books are now being stocked in the Central Library and will be on the shelves of the other 9 libraries soon. I enrolled in the Public Lending Rights system, so every time someone borrows one of my books I'll make a fraction of a penny..... but it all counts!

4. I finished reading Bernard Cornwell's first non-fiction book, Waterloo. As a novelist he makes a great historian. A wonderful book! I'm now reading his novel about Azincourt. Spelling is correct!

5. Both my Temporal Detective Agency books Leap of Faith and Trouble With Swords) are still available in bookshops, as well as through Amazon on:

Don't be shy. Go and have a look!

Blog on, Dudes!


  1. Lots of great developments, Richard! You deserve every success.

    1. Many thanks, Teresa. I've now enrolled in the PLR (Public Lending Right) organisation so if anyone actually borrows one of my books, I'll get paid on it!