Friday, 22 June 2012

Feeling In A Good Mood? Me Too!

While the world looks good and I have a great evening in front of me with good friend, a couple of pints of beer, a whiskey and an excellent meal ar ridiculously low prices... time to count blessings and list the wonders of the world as they seem to me. COMMENTS PLEASE!

- Trees swaying in the breeze,,,and I'm indoors writing this as the rain patters on the window.
- My dog's snores because he's happy. He's had two walks and he's been fed.
- I received a bluebird through the post today from my wonderful friend Marit Meredith. Magicians make dead birds come to life. She creates them from old fabrics and they almost tweet. That's so much better!
- It's a weekend!
- On Sunday there's no post and therefore no nasty surprises!
- The phone has rung three times today for a recorded message to tell me I can claim back thousands in PPI misselling from banks. Yipee! Mind you, it did the same yesterday and the day before etc!
- I won two lotteries (and I haven't even bought a ticket), inherited a multi-million pound estate from someone I don't know and am not related to.
- The chairman of HSBC wants to offer me a personal business deal with no risk that will make me millions for doing next to nothing. Strange, becaue I know him and he didn't mention it when we last met!
- England have a 50 : 50 chance of beating (or losing) to Italy when they play them at football on Sunday.
- I spoke to my mother who told me she's read "50 Shades of Grey" and found it remarkably boring and badly written. This from a lady who sat through two screenings of "Deep Throat" in Malmo, Sweden, for something to do on a dreary Sunday afternoon while waiting for the ferry to Copenhagen.
- My daughter is 25 on Tuesday and she's horrified at the quarter century! I wish!
- Sometimes the PPI recorded messages are a welcome break. An author's life can be a lonely one until people start coming home and the dog wakes up.
- I love the ITV 2 hour detective programmes.such as Marple, Poirot, Morse, Lewis, Touch of Frost (does no one have a first name?), Midsomer Murders. The BBC tries to compete, but tends to split a 2 hour show into 2 one hour shows on different nights.
- Quiz shows like Pointless (very amusing as well as interesting), Eggheads (cerebral), Mastermind and University Challenge (the prize is in the winning, not loads of money).
- A CD by The Trains given to me by my daughter and her partner for Father's Day. I listened to it yesterday and it was great. I love trains anyway.
- I actually like Julie Andrews! (These are a few of my favourite things!)

A list from the top of my head and in two minutes I'll think of hundreds more. but it'll be too late by then. So, it's your turn now!
Have a great weekend.

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  1. Here from LinkedIn

    Overall I think your blog looks attractive, however I found it a little hard on my eyes. Perhaps if you increased the font size just a tad it would help.

    Also the text is a little intense in the layout. Maybe breaking up the text into more sections that allow for a bit of open space to call attention to individual ideas.

    Personally I find it a bit difficult to follow text when it is condensed on a computer screen. I've heard the same from other bloggers as well.
    But I think you're on the right track with content.

    Tossing It Out