Saturday, 25 August 2012


In the late 60s and 70s I was in my teens and the UK was in a period if Free Love. Pop groups came and went, became number one in the hit parade and were on the dole a few weeks late. Just a few (not many) made it into a second year and the odd one even got into the next century. Some even kept part of their hard-eared money, but many signed contracts that gave all their royalties to unscrupulous managers to fleeced their charges for every penny they could. I heard that Justin Haywood of the Moody Blues signed away all his royalties for some years in exchange for a few thousand pounds up front to Lonny Donnegan, so that Knights in White Satin earned him nothing for years. It's true that most of the groups that are still around are making far more money now than they ever did in their heyday....and good luck to them!

Just recently I've been to a few rock concerts and seen some of the groups that I thought were fantastic back in my youth. I was right for the most part. Mind you they've had time to practice since then! Among them were:
 - The Shadows
 - The Shadows with Cliff Richard
 - The Moody Blues (twice)
 - Paul McCartney
 - Roger Waters of Pink Floyd (three times)
 - The Who
 - Queen
 - Art Garfunkle
 - The Aussie Floyd (a tribute band, but the only one I know that can pack the Royal Albert Hall on two nights, plus the O2)

Those are just the ones I can remember and at my age that's something!

Who would I like to see still?
 - Leonard Cohen
 - David Gilmour
 - Crosby Stills and Nash
 - Rolling Stones
 - Bjork
 - Blue Man Group
 - 10cc

Ones I wish I'd seen and never will now:
 - The Beatles
 - Led Zeppelin
 - Incredible String Band
 - The Hollies
 - Dire Straits
 - Paul Simon
 - Stone the Crows
And many, many others.

Time to turn on my iPod and listen to some nostalgia.
'night, 'night!

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