Thursday, 2 August 2012


There I was watching the Olympic cycling and swimming and I suddenly remembered I'd promised to post tonight on my blog. Now it's GB playing Spain at basketball and only trailing by 5 points with 3 minutes to play.

What am I saying?? I'm no athlete...and yet there's now only one minute to play and only 4 points difference and GB is on the offensive. Blow! Spain have stretched their lead with 45 seconds to go. Time out!

I watch the Open Golf, on occasions I glance at Wimbledon and the odd European football match, but mainline sports pass me by.

Blimey! Superb basket by the UK with 28 seconds left. 3 points separate them. Spain's called Time Out!

Judging by photographs of the center of London there's nobody there, in spite of the shopping bonanza we were promised. You can skateboard down Oxford Street and do wheelies down Regents Street dodging desperate shop keepers trying to drag the odd lost tourist into Harrods and Selfridges. Poor lambs.

5 points difference again and 25 seconds to go! My poor nerves.

Like most people that were able to, I've been glued to the TV since Saturday watching rowers, cyclists, sailors, horse riders and judoists doing their absolute best  and it's no longer just a sport, it's national pride, with people taking part for the joy of representing their country rather than making money. But then again there's our glorious men's football team, some of whom refuse to sing the national anthem because they're Welsh. Fine, but don't take part if that's the way you feel. As the ultimate protest, they should refuse to accept whatever colour medal they win. Will they. Of course they won't, and if they win gold will they certainly won't sing. They'll be too busy counting the sponsorship and bonus cheques.

Blimey! GB lost to Spain by 1 point.
Oh well, there's always tomorrow....and several other tomorrows after that!

Blog on, Dudes!

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