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Monday, 13 August 2012

It's Over. What Do We Watch Now?

So, after two weeks (was it only 2 weeks?) of athletics, rowing, horse riding, swimming and's all over. We have to wait for another 4 years until Rio opens its doors and for Claire Balding to learn Spanish.

Highlights? Too many and they've all been listed far too often, but here goes with some different ones:
- Sue Barker talking about the "Good Feel Factor". Maybe she was right.
- The absence of Gary Lineker diving to rescue n escaping Walker crisp.
- Mr Le Clos, the dad of the South African simmer of the same name, showing ultimate enthusiasm.
- Michael Phelps admitting he peed in the pool as all swimmers do!...except in Germany where they put a chamical in the water so it turns red if you pee.
- Mr Bean and Eric Idle being the celebrity stars of the opening and closing ceremonies.
- The joy of the first women boxer gold medallists.
- The joy of the first Saudi woman to compete, even though she was shrouded from head to foot and came in 40 seconds after the winner in the 800 m
- The fact there was no underground strike, in spite of numerous attempts by the union leaders to disrupt things.
- Dressing up Terminal 5 as a forest to say goodbye to all the athletes
- It didn't rain!

Lowlights? Probably not so many, but here we go again:-
- The initial shambles of the closing ceremony. What was it about? And where was the relevance of Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell?
- The ZIL Games Only Lanes in the roads when there was no congestion at all. Michael Winner said that using those lanes was wonderful. He'd never got through London so quickly and all for only £130 a day!
- The bad acoustics for Madness, when most of the other acts mimed.
- Some of the music acts in the closing ceremony were hardly known outside the UK, and some not really known outside London.
- There were no elephants.

Blimey, I can't think of any more lowlights! Can you

Blog on, Dudes!

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