Monday 24 December 2012


I'm not going to post on anything humorous, or contentious. This is my last post before Christmas and I want to thank everyone who helped me during this year. Especially:-

Marit Meedith - A Norwegian lady who has helped me promote the Temporal Detective Agency books as well as helping just about everybody in her own Welsh village. She also makes the most wonderful fabric animals!

Carl Hedges - A lady who runs a wonderful blog site and invites people like me to join her in conversations on her Pink Sofa. Unlike many authors she promotes the competition!

Carol Drinkwater - Who not only acted in one of my favourite TV series some years ago, and now wited some of the most interesting posts on FB. I value her as a friend.

Caleb Mason - My publisher in America and CEO of Publerati Publishing, for believing in me and the Temporal Detective Agency.

Blimey! I suddenly realised that if I thanked everyone who deserves thanking, I'll be here until 2013. So the ladies who inspired Merlin and Tertia are thanked more than they can imagine.

A happy Christmas to everyone and  an incrdeibly prosporous New Year to everyone.

Blog on, Dudes!

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