Sunday 9 December 2012

Launch Update

I'm not one much for personal publicity (ahem!), but after the official launch yesterday at the Facebook party event I feel I need to make a few comments.

1. Without the help of some great friends I couldn't have even attempted to hold the launch party. In no particular order, not even alphabetical!
   - Marit Meredith has helped from Day 1 when I wanted to publish Leap of Faith, my first Temporal Detective Agency book. She wrote me up on her blog and has been a tower of strength in convincing me to get things finished. She's a multi-talented lady and I love having her as a friend. In the not too distant future, when the Agency series is established, she and I will be collaborating on a very special cook book. Yesterday Marit helped keep the drinks running and the foodies plates full.
   - Carol Hedges has become a good friend over the past few weeks and as well as helping me host the event yesterday, she wrote up a wonderful interview with me about my books. You can read it at
   - Caleb Mason is both my agent in the States and my eBook publisher. He's also the CEO of Publerati Publisher. He was in the party for 8 hours yesterday helping to meet and greet. He also asked some devilishly hard quiz questions and gave away excellent eBook prizes..... copies of Trouble With Swords!

2. Amazon's rankings are both weird and delayed. By the end of the party Trouble With Swords hadn't moved on the Amazon UK ranking and if anything has slipped. I looked this morning and it had climbed nearly 20,000 places. I just looked again tonight and it's climbed another 4,000 places!

3. The chance of being the first result presnted on a Google search when there are 16,500,00 results is... well, 16,500,000 or thereabouts. And yet if you Google Trouble With Swords it tells you there are 16,500,000 results and the very first one presented is my book showing the Amazon link. It's the most incredible thing that money couldn't buy. Well, it almost certainly could, but not the sort of money I have! The power of Google.

4. I now have a fair bit of work to do in loading Trouble With Swords onto Goodreads and Authorsden.

5. I can now carry on writing the third book in the series, loosely titled A bigger Bang Theory.

6. Did I hear someone say "Where can I get the book?". Silly me, of course you want the link. You can get it at Amazon.both in the UK and Internationally. The UK link is
I'd get o copy quickly while it's still in ctock!

Thanks again to everyone who came to the party, even greater thanks to those people who bought a copy of the book and gretest thans to those who bought the book and are going to write a review. Above all, thanks to Marit, Carol and Caleb.

Blog on, Dudes!

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