Saturday, 22 September 2012


I posted this blog 5 days ago and meant every word of it.
But there's an update!
After 80 years in the Scout Association John Goble was honoured at a small Group event last Sunday, but the intention is now that he be given a special presentation at the District AGM by the World Chief Scout, Bear Grylls. This time as many of the leaders and Scouts who worked with John in his Scouting career will be invited to attend, though this may mean hiring the Olympic Stadium....but at least it'll be put to good use!

Blog on, Dudes!



After the Olympics and Paralympics it's been difficult to find something I really wanted to blog about. The men and women who took part in both events were committed to winning and to representing their country. They didn't do it for money (though winners like Mo Farah will become millionaires as a result), their pride in  winning gold for their country. Other than Andrew Murray winning the US Open on Monday there really hasn't been much to altruistically cheer about. I could have blogged about our army boys in Afghanistan and how they daily risk their lives to bring democracy to a foreign country. I could have done, but I didn't because there are people far better than me writing up their daily bravery.

An unsung hero therefore....

I was a Leader in the Scout Association for 15 years (and NO it's not me!). I left some three years ago and this afternoon I went to a gathering at my local district to honour a man called John Goble who is 87 and still the honourary president of my old Scout Group. He started in the Association as a cub 80 years ago..
While I was a leader John (then a young man in his 70s came up every troop night when we asked him to, and kept the kids mesmerised with his skill in pioneering. His knowledge of building bridges, ropeways, zipwires and anything else that involved ropes, spars and how to use them in a survival situation. His knowledge and experience was, and is, encyclopedic and he had the ability to put things over in a way that made the leaders and kids look forward to the next night he was going to join us.

This afternoon John was presented with two cakes with the Scout insignia on them, a letter and plaque from the Chief Scout (Bear Grylls) and a rousing round of thanks from leaders, past and present and scouts of all ages. The kids then showed some of the skills they'd learned and I realised, not for the first time, what a difference the Scout Association has made to so many kids and the time and commitment the leaders give.

At 80 years, John Goble is the longest serving person in the Association and it's unlikely anyone will pass that mark which why I would recognise him as a hero and a friend.

Blog on, Dudes!

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