Friday, 21 September 2012

The Starched Woman (Part 1)

This is the first part of Lakshmi Raj Sharma's new short short set in India. No spoilers! Just read it and the follow up parts and enjoy the experience.


                                                             The Starched Woam (part 1)

She was living on in a limbo as though time had stopped in her life. Nothing interested her. Her eyes said it all. She walked looking through everything, everyone, on her route. People had got used to her and hardly took notice of her starched arrivals and her pallid departures. Everyone in Alipore knew that she was not a ghost. Those that mistook her for one were soon
 informed that she was very much alive and had remained that way for years now. People had forgotten though what she sounded like; her presence was filled with a silent stiffness. She lived in a house that had needed paint for the last decade at least, but paint would clash with the general dullness of her mind; it would go against her sensibility. It would jar and disturb her peace. Peace? Did she live in peace? Who could have known? She never communicated with the living.

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