Saturday, 29 September 2012

Press release from my publisher, Publerati

Publerati Publishing my USA publisher sent out the following press release at the Frankfurt Book event this week. Please read it rather me trying to paraphrase it, but in essence my book Leap Of Faith is being made available to thousands of children in the sub-Sahara regions of Africa and then India as part of the Worldreader charitable initiative. Fantastic news for the children who normally wouldn't have access to books and great news for Leap Of Faith!
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Press Contact:
Anne Nadeau

Both firms are working to promote global literacy via new e-reading technologies.

Portland, Maine, October 10, 2012—Publerati, the ebook publisher specializing in global fiction, announced at the Frankfurt Book Fair that its ebooks will be available through Worldreader (, a non-profit aiming to boost literacy by providing digital books to children and teachers throughout the developing world.
“The primary purpose of Publerati is to use ebooks as a better way for fiction writers to reach more readers around the world, and to do so in a way similar to museums where some people pay full admission and others get in free,” says Caleb Mason, Founder and Publisher at Publerati.  “Working with Worldreader will help us fulfill our mission of opening access, where those who pay will know that our free ebooks plus no less than 5% of net proceeds are being donated to support Worldreader’s efforts.”

Publerati ebooks will be available on e-readers provided to children and teachers across Sub-saharan Africa as well as on the new Worldreader Book App for mobile phones, allowing millions of people in the developing world to have free access to a selection of Publerati ebooks.

“Worldreader is about books and literacy.  We use new digital platforms to deliver books to people in the developing world who previously had little to no access to reading material of any kind. We now have the technology to make it happen, but we need like-minded publishers like Publerati to supply the content.  We are thrilled to have the support of Publerati and hope that other publishers will follow suit,” said Elizabeth Wood, Director of Digital Publishing for Worldreader.
“Our ebook fiction should have worldwide appeal, and I think in particular the stories of Lakshmi Raj Sharma will be very well-received in India as part of the Worldreader feature phone and free ereader programs,” adds Caleb Mason. “And Richard Hardie’s young adult time-travel series, which transports readers across historically fascinating time periods from Camelot to ancient Rome, will entertain and educate children in Africa and elsewhere.”
About Publerati
Read ebooks. Spread literacy. Publerati is a new concept during the early years of digital change within book publishing, whose purpose is to widen access to high-quality fiction from around the world and to do so in a way that allows more readers to engage with better writing.  Publerati authors come from India, the United States, and Great Britain with more on the way. Publerati only publishes fiction in the tradition of great writing that entertains and enlightens readers.
About Worldreader
Worldreader is a US- and European not-for-profit organization that aims to put a library of digital books within the hands of children across the planet. Founded in 2009, Worldreader works with device manufacturers, local and international publishers, governments, education officials, and local communities to bring books to all. The non-profit has since put more than 200,000 international and local e-books into the hands of 1,000 students in Africa and is committed to continue increasing access to digital books in developing nations. The Worldreader Book Application is currently on over four million mobile phones, primarily in India and sub-Saharan Africa.  In July over 489,000 people read 25 million pages on the Worldreader Book App.

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