Monday, 21 May 2012

LEAP OF FAITH.  How did it REALLY start? (part two)

Ten years ago I wrote a show for the Scouts and Guides association. It was known as a Gang Show and had been put on every 2 years with sketches, jokes and songs. I and my production team (I was also producer) wanted to make it a story that would appeal to both kids and grown-ups with up to date songs. We chose an updated Camelot theme and the plot evolved over a period of weeks. Songs were chosen, ranging from Pink Floyd to Ralph Reader (the original Gang Show producer from half a century ago!). Our one problem (blessing) was that the perfect person to play the part of Merlin was a Brownie leader and definitely a woman! There was no hiding the fact, so our Merl became a well disguised female wizard with a wardrobe of false beards and a massive crush on her king!
I always thought the story-line had the potential for a book, but it was another 9 years and multiple rewrites and plot changes before I found an agent and publisher that agreed with me.
Merlin, Arthur, Marlene (her sister), together with Unita and Tertia (Merlin's apprentice wizards and known as Merl's Girls) all made the transition to the final book, Leap of Faith, and they were joined by Sir Gawain, Sir Galahad and a host of new characters.
In Leap of Faith they become the Temporal Detective Agency and solve their first case which involves the disappearance of Nelson's statue, the theft of the biggest diamond in the world and a battle with evil ship-wreckers and smugglers.
Leap of Faith is intentionally full of humour as well as adventure and was great fun to write. Indeed as the plot matured, Unita and Tertia (especially) became more and more capable of dictating what would happen next as their personalities became more powerful. Unfortunately Tertia hasn't learned how to use a keyboard yet so I still have to type everything up!

So what happens next....?

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