Monday, 28 May 2012

New kid on the Blog!

I have to admit I spent yesterday and today either gardening, or lying on a sun-lounger thinking about gardening, which doesn't quite come to the same thing. I did spend yesterday evening editing my latest book Trouble with Swords, but it was either that or watch the BAFTAs I think I chose wisely!

So today was a nice relaxing period enjoying the last of the summer and thinking about a writer friend of mine called Rebecca Emin whose new book When Dreams Come True was launched to great fanfares today. This isn't her first book by any means and she has a reputation writing books for 10 to 14 years old that are enjoyed by 80 year-olds and anyone in between because of the humour and pathos she puts in her work.

This is one of the early reviews:
"Charlie is forced to go stay at her Aunt's house when she falls ill and her parents aren't able to take her home. Whilst she's there she discovers a secret passageway, has a lovely time with her two friends and even gains a new skill!
When I was offered the chance to read this book, I was entering exam period at college and didn't expect to have a lot of time to read. In the same breath, I didn't expect to read it all in one sitting! It was addicting and lovely. Charlie herself is a great character, developed well.
The story was a breath of fresh air as there was no supernatual creatures causing mayhem... there were no murderous criminals... It was just a normal girl dealing with normal girl problems. I really enjoyed it and will happily read it again!
Loved it."

I must admit I haven't read it yet, but I will, partly because it's much the same age group I write for, and mostly importantly because Rebecca's reputation as a gripping writer goes before her.

When Dreams Come Trues available now on:

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  1. Thank you for this lovely post, Richard. Such very kind words. The race is on to see which of us reads the book by the other first. :o)