Monday, 21 May 2012

Waterstones and the Kindle

Waterstones announced this morning that they have struck a deal with Amazon to sell the Kindle in the UK. As more than 50% of books by volume are now e-books (not by sales value yet) it's a logical step for Waterstones to take, especially as they already have an e-site you can buy from.
They haven't mentioned the Kindle Fire colour version, though Amazon seem reluctant to bring it into the UK. To have a colour reader therefore probably the best is iPad, which I have to admit I use and which still allows the whisper fast single touch download from the Amazon site.
Hopefully this won't start the demise of the traditional Waterstones. It's still a wonderful experience to go book browsing, and for an author to see his or her book on the shelf, it has to be a massive thrill!

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