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Monday, 21 May 2012

LEAP OF FAITH - what happens next?

I originally looked on Leap of Faith as being a one-off story, but it became obvious that Tertia and Unita were not going to fade easily into the background...especially Tertia, as I may have said before. The original story was too complicated and when I'd simplified it to what Leap of Faith now is I realised I had enough material for a number (well, 4 or 5 at least) of books which would become the Temporal Detective Agency series.
Much or the plot for the second book in the series, Trouble With Swords, was already established and the book is now finished, is currently being edited and should be out in August / September under the Publerati Publishing banner.
Trouble With Swords mostly has the same core characters, but a different set of villains and takes the girls (and their new boyfriends) all over Europe trying to save the world.
The third book is provisionally called The Big Bang Theory and involves the Gunpowder Plot, while in the fourth book the Temporal Detective Agency will be going to America for the first time.
In parallel, Tertia is writing her own version of History in an encyclopedia called "Tertia's Cyclepodica" (she hates long words unless they're used for swearing) and a great friend of mine (Marit Meredith) is helping me write a cookery book based on recipes through the centuries. You'll find out the reason for the cookery book when you read Leap of Faith!
So Merl's Girls and the Temporal Detective Agency will fight many more fights and solve many more cases.

Please forward and RT!

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